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Recently Jessica, our lead Brisbane Wedding Photographer, had the opportunity to capture some of her favourite wedding imagesEVER – at The White Chapel, Kalbar.  We love this place so much, we decided to make it our very first ‘Venue Highlight’ journal – something we will be doing lots more of as time goes on.

Located in the picturesque town of Kalbar (only an hour’s drive from Brisbane, Qld), The White Chapel offers a breathtaking blend of natural beauty and contemporary elegance, making it the ideal location for your wedding ceremony and reception. The chapel itself is a beautiful, white-washed building with large, glass windows that provide plenty of natural light. Inside, you will find simplicity and beauty – clean, crisp white walls, vintage chandeliers, classical bentwood chairs and the spectacular backlit altar.

When having your wedding at The White Chapel, Kalbar, you don’t just get the ceremony venue either.  After you have exchanged your vows, you and your guests can continue the celebration in the secluded and intimate outdoor garden area. With its festoon lighting, lush greenery, garden benches and repurposed wine barrels, it makes such a great spot for candid guest photos while they enjoy drinks and canapes.  What makes this venue even more perfect is the reception hall which is also on-site. This space is beautifully decorated with hanging plants, sliding barn doors, bespoke wall sconces and exposed beams – all of which provide a homestead-type atmosphere for the rest of the night.

In addition to its stunning location and exceptional service, The White Chapel, Kalbar also offers an array of amenities that make it the ideal venue for a wedding. From the on-site catering and bar services to the ample parking and shuttle services, every aspect of your day will be taken care of. And with a variety of accommodation options nearby, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and Air BnBs, you and your guests can enjoy the convenience of staying close by.

Everywhere you look, and from every angle, there is a stunning setting or backdrop to provide the perfect framing for an image.  We especially love the intimacy of the chapel itself – with its timber flooring and abundance of natural light.  Best of all, the back lighting of the altar gives this halo-effect, framing the subject (our bride and groom) to perfection – see our favourite images below 😍

If you’re looking for a venue that combines natural beauty with unique elegance to give you breathtaking imagery, The White Chapel, Kalbar is the perfect choice.  With its stunning location, exceptional service and matching spaces, we have no doubt you will get an amazing wedding experience, and exceptional images.  Light Collections loves this venue and will be recommending it to anyone who asks.

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