Corporate Event Photography in Brisbane

Since Light Collections began, we have been lucky to regularly interact and work alongside an incredible variety and depth of businesses in our great city.  In doing so, we have a proven track record of providing exceptional corporate event photography in Brisbane, with a personalised touch.  Jessica, Owner, and Lead Photographer began her work in Family and Wedding imagery, and we see this as an advantage when shooting events.  With this background not only do we capture standard speaker, awards, and group shots.  We can also those candid moments that truly encapsulate your team and purpose.


Diverse Experience across Business Event Photography in Brisbane

We have a wealth of experience in capturing a range of event types in Brisbane and South-East Queensland, corporate or otherwise.

  • Corporate Event Photography in Brisbane: At the core of the business world, we understand the significance of documenting the learning and camaraderie generated in a variety of corporate events.
  • Brisbane Conference Photography: Energetic exchanges and knowledge-sharing during conferences deserve timeless preservation. We capture everything from the speakers’ passion to audience engagement and can offer a range of formal and documentary styles.
  • Business Breakfasts and Luncheons Photography: The subtlety of capturing photos whilst professionals eat requires a delicate touch. Light Collections excels at capturing candid conversations over coffee and croissants that define these gatherings.
  • Awards Night Photography: The zenith of achievement deserves artistic portrayal. We ensure that the pride and joy of award recipients shine through every photograph, telling a story of hard work and success.
  • Red Carpet Glamour: Celebrities and VIPs exude charisma on the red carpet. Light Collections’ specialised approach captures their elegance and confidence, unveiling the glamour and recognising the moments.

Photographing Events at Brisbane’s Premier Venue for a Range of Businesses

Regularly we have the honour of working at some of Brisbane’s most esteemed event and conference venues. We believe our imagery offers depth and vibrancy to these locations and occasions. Here’s a glimpse into the recent venues and events photographed by Light Collections:

Some of the best Brisbane Event Venues

  • The Calile
  • Smoked Garage
  • The Grove Rooftop
  • The Warehouse
  • The Lussh
  • GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)
  • Victoria Park
  • Palace Cinemas
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor
  • Royal on the Park
  • The Sofitel Brisbane
  • Voco Hotel
  • W Hotel
  • State Library of Queensland
  • Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Recent Corporate Functions we have Photographed

  • Motherless Daughters Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Entomological Society of Qld’s Annual Conference
  • FACCI Bastille Business Breakfast
  • Independent Living Company’s Breaking Ground Ceremony
  • Function Well Christmas Party
  • Springwood Lions Women in Pink Luncheon
  • TSA Awards Night
  • Dolphins NRL Awards Night
  • Cerner APAC Rug
  • AdNews Brisbane Amplified

Corporate Function Team Photos in Brisbane and SEQ

Our expertise extends to group portraits when working to capture corporate event photography in Brisbane. We aim to bring out the essence of you collaborative team. Here are some of the elements we prioritise when creating group photos to reflect your team:

  1. Composition is Key: We work to highlight the group’s connection, aiming for symmetry or sometimes even asymmetry to suit the team.
  1. Height Variation: It is important that we always vary heights for depth, placing taller individuals at the back and shorter ones at the front.
  1. Engage Through Interaction: We will direct you to help capture candid interactions, reflecting genuine working relationships rather than awkward posing.
  1. Framing and Background: It’s not just about the group.  Equally important is a suitable background that complements the team and theme of the event.
  1. Don’t Rush: It’s also important that we give enough time to allow individual expression and genuine smiles and postures rather than rushing to get everyone in position.

Candid Imagery of your Brisbane Business Event

Candid shots are our favourite to capture at any Brisbane Corporate Event.  They portray the genuine emotions and interactions that not only define an event’s essence but show the genuine connection within your staff. Here’s how we work to capture candid photos at your corporate event:

  1. Blend into the Scene: We always dress appropriately to blend in and position ourselves inconspicuously, so we are barely noticeable.
  1. Use a Zoom Lens: Our dual camera system allows us to shoot candids from a distance, staying out of sight, before easily switching to a shorter lens for a wider shot.
  1. Pre-focus for Speed: We prefer to manually focus on anticipated spots allowing us to capture these moments more seamlessly.
  1. Anticipate Gestures and Reactions: An underestimated skill is the familiarity we have with capturing genuine gestures and reactions at our events.  We have a strength in anticipating these that comes from our background in weddings and family photography.
  1. Focus on Emotion: We always seek to capture genuine smiles, glances and appreciation.  This takes time and patience.

Essential Gear for Corporate Event Imagery Across Brisbane

At Light Collections, we believe that utilising the highest quality equipment is the only way to capture exceptional event photography.  Using these advanced tools ensures superior quality. Here’s a glimpse into our equipment for this type of photography:

  1. High-Quality Cameras
  2. Diverse Lenses (with a variety focal lengths)
  3. On/Off Camera Flash and Lighting System
  4. Surplus Memory Cards and Backup Batteries
  5. Remote Shutter Release
  6. Variety of Reflectors and Diffusers
  7. Tripods and Gimbals (for video work)

Our Consultation Process for any type of Photography at a Brisbane Business Event

We understand that capturing corporate event photography in Brisbane and South-East Qld is not a solitary endeavour; it’s a collaborative process that merges our expertise with your priorities and vision. We view each event as a canvas with distinct colours, and tones. Through close collaboration, we will produce images that reflect the purpose and atmosphere of your event.

  • Understanding Your Vision: We begin by discussing your goals, and aspirations for the event. This forms the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that every photograph captures the essence you envision.
  • Tailored Approach: No two events or venues are alike, and we embrace this diversity. Our team works closely with you to align with your event’s character and purpose.
  • Creative Consultation: We can also provide advice as creative consultants, offering insights and suggestions to enhance the visual narrative of your event. We believe that combining your insights with our expertise leads to a cohesive and impactful visual story.
  • Seamless Integration: We seamlessly integrate into your event’s flow, ensuring minimal disruption while capturing moments that matter. Our unobtrusive approach allows attendees to immerse themselves in the event’s ambiance, contributing to authentic and candid imagery.

Ethical Photography Practices

It is vitally important to us that ethical principles form the core of our photography practice. We understand the value of preserving memories while respecting the privacy and sensitivities of individuals and events. Our commitment to ethical photography practices ensures that every photograph we capture tells a story of integrity, compassion, and respect.

  • Event Sensitivities: Every event carries its own emotional weight. We recognise this and approach each event with sensitivity and empathy, ensuring that we capture meaningful moments without causing any discomfort or intrusion.
  • Privacy First: As part of our consultation process, we assess the context and seek various permissions as an integral part of our contract with you.  Adjusting this where necessary.
  • Unobtrusive Presence: Our photographers blend seamlessly into the event environment, minimising any disruption. We believe that candid and natural shots are best achieved when individuals feel at ease and unaware of the camera’s presence.
  • Consent and Boundaries: When capturing candid shots that involve personal interactions, we make an effort to obtain consent from individuals who may appear in the photographs. Respecting personal boundaries and preferences is paramount.
  • Editing Integrity: Our editing process aligns with ethical standards. While enhancing visual aesthetics is part of our work, we ensure that images remain authentic representations of the event and its participants.
  • Image Usage: We maintain open communication with our clients regarding how the photographs will be used. Whether for promotional materials, social media, or personal memories, we ensure that image usage aligns with the event’s purpose and participants’ preferences.
  • Long-lasting Respect: Our commitment to ethical photography extends beyond the event itself. We ensure that photographs are handled responsibly, respecting participants’ images even after the event has concluded.

Through ethical photography practices, Light Collections not only captures moments but also nurtures an environment of trust, respect, and professionalism with our clients. Our photographs reflect the genuine spirit of your event, embracing the stories and emotions that make each occasion unique.

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